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Ab Crystal EAR CLIMBER EARRINGS, Bridal Climbing Earrings, Ab Crystal Ear Crawler,Ear climber,Crystals Bride Up Earring,Wedding 2 earrings

ab crystal earrings

Details of up earrings:
Metal: Gold Plated ( yellow or rose gold) or Silver plated - Nickel Free
Gemstone: Crystals
Length Size :1.5*0.8 inches
The earrings will be packed in a gift box.
Ready to ship 2-5 days,
Details of stud earrings:
Metal: Gold Plated ( yellow or rose gold) or Silver plated - Nickel Free
Gemstone: Crystals
Length Size :0.8*0.6 inches
The earrings will be packed in a gift box.
Ready to ship 2-5 days,

Ear Climber Earrings by REBEKA JEWELRY

climber earringsThe gifted artist REBEKA BEN HAIM created the label REBEKA JEWELRY. While the brand pursues handcrafted jewelry, top quality and precise carryout are always and forever maintained. Each ear climber earrings is handled with accuracy and precision for the microscopic details. Accompanied by crystals unique stones, REBEKA’s pieces are shiny; oftentimes I like to employ original, superb quality precious stones, on other times I am combining them with Crystals stones, or as it can happen I’m using only the crystals. This way, the ear crawler earrings will regularly consist of wholly original gemstones or just crystals stones or both crystals and gems. Rebeka Worldwide has licensed the shop; therefore, each jewelry produce contains a tag of Rebeka Worldwide.

Fascination with Jewelry

ear climber earringsI posses an enormous passion for jewelry; I adore working with it, and. I have been creating ear crawler earrings as of 2003; however, the enthusiasm for making jewelry is an old one. As a girl, I would watch my mother sketching and crafting jewelry. My mom had been immobile, so when she commenced handcrafting from home, I was the person to go to the outlets in Tel-Aviv to get beads and threads for her; hence, , that’s how it evolved. Connecting to the power and statement of certain jewelry, I get my motivation from the celebrated red carpet of Hollywood. My earring climbers jewelry is definitely mainly targeting important events big and not. Recently, I’ve created a select marriage collection to suit the beautiful bride and the mothers in-law to be.

Who Gets My Ear Crawler Earrings ?

ear crawler earringsMy ab crystal earrings jewelry is designed to suit women who understand trend, glamorous women, . REBEKA’s jewelry combines a wide-ranging spectrum of hues. Hollywood is what comes to mind when wearing and looking at REBEKA’s jewelry. My approach similarly is taken from the past – you can see a merge of retro and modern. Important announcement! All my ear crawler earrings are created manually with no machinery, computers, or any program like Rhino to craft REBEKA jewelry. In my climbers and clip on earring jewelry, you can choose between items for significant events, jewelry to work, and daily easygoing stuff. REBEKAjewely can be easily located by anyone around the globe who wants to shop there.

AB Crystal Earrings by REBEKA All Around the Planet

earring climbersMy earring climbers is purchased all across the globe. I additionally sell jewelry pieces for males and also young people and women of all ages. Thanks to the option of a custom order, women can construct their ear climber earrings totally to their taste. REBEKA produce is in high demand with brides. My ab crystal earrings are a worldwide success because of their top-notch quality. My choices of metal range from heavy 24k gold plated brass to black plating, brass coated, silver plated, and gold filled. In some jewelry items, I use 14k gold, in particular when crafting wedding rings and coated sterling silver 925. I constantly use the best materials on the market, no wonder that my ab crystal earrings are known around the world as top-of-the-range jewelry. My arrangements indicate vintage, prestige, and chic all at the same time.

Rebeka Jewelry

Rebeka Jewelry is a brand of Jewelry designs with high quality materials. Each one of our jewels is made with a deep thinking process, taking into account each detail to the last. In each one of our jewels you will feel the love that we have put into and the love for our profession.