Which jewellery is best for bride?


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what do brides generally prefer for their bridal look?. Accompanied by crystals stones, my produce is sparkling;  occasionally I am employing original, great quality gems, in other occasions I am combining them with Rebeka stones, and sometimes I’m using only the latter. This way, the

will routinely have wholly original gemstones or only Rebeka stones or both gems and crystals.  Crystal had authorized the brand; therefore, each jewelry piece contains a content label of Rebeka Worldwide.
Can a bride wear gold jewelry? on the other hand, the love for jewelry-design is an old one. In my mom’s house, I’d observe her painting and crafting pieces. I was the person she’d sent to Tel-Aviv to shop for her beads since she was sick in bed. My ideas is connected to the celebrated red carpet of Hollywood; I relate to the assertion and dominance of certain jewelry. 


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My is definitely primarily aimed at events big and not. Only now, I’ve produced an exclusive marriage line .
Does the bride wear the same jewelry as the bridesmaid?
My bridal jewelry is made to please those females who adore style, women with a fashion chic who are trendy. REBEKA’s jewelry produce enjoys a far-

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reaching range of hues. Hollywood is what are thinking of when wearing and looking at my jewelry. My approach also is taken from the past – you can see a blend of old-fashioned and modernization. Necessary announcement! All 1-12 bridesmaid wear this pearl earrings . My jewelry allows for a vast choice between everyday, work and special occasion jewelry. REBEKAjewely can be easily found by any woman or man on the planet who wants to buy there.


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Do brides wear bracelets?

 The client can make contact with the designer in regards
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to suit their outfit, according to their finances and sizing. Within my jewelry-production, I am using a mixture of substances, that allows for the product to please a great variety of people. My creations are affordable to everyone. Popular colors are as following: emerald green, clear crystal, ivory crème blush pink, aquamarine blue, navy blue, blush rose, white opal, and dusty blue aquamarine blue, blush pink, navy blue ,emerald green, clear crystal, ivory crème, white opal, blush rose, dusty blue, ivory crème, clear crystal, emerald green, blush rose, dusty blue, white opal, aquamarine blue, navy blue, blush pink, blush rose, white opal, dusty blue ivory crème, clear crystal, emerald green, navy blue, aquamarine blue, and blush pink. Classical fashion is among my pursuits. The precious stones I tend to employ are turquoise, coral, opal, rose quartz, onyx, amethyst, amethyst, onyx, rose quartz, opal, turquoise, coral and more.


Do brides wear watches? the answer is no

My jewelry is very classic and is sold all around the globe. In addition, I also make jewelry items for men as well as youngsters and women of any age. Thanks to the possibility of a custom order, many folks can shape their ask what ring do you get on your wedding day? totally to their preferences. REBEKA designs are favored by brides. My engagement ring are succeeding worldwide thanks to their quality. My choices of metal range from 24k heavy coating on brass to black coating, brass coated, silver coated, and gold filled. In some jewelry items, I employ 14k gold, particularly when working on wedding rings and plated sterling silver. I constantly apply the best materials on the market, so that is why my bridal jewelry are recognized around the world as excellent quality jewelry. My arrangements depict style, prestige, and vintage all at once.