Navy Blue Drop Earrings


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Navy Blue Drop Earrings, Rhinestone Rebeka Earrings, Blue Teardrop Earrings, Bridal Blue Earrings, Bridesmaid Earrings, Blue Jewelry Gift

These stunning navy blue Rebeka drop earrings have a great statement look that can't be missed.
They would be great for women, bridesmaid or bride.

Metal: 24K Gold Plated / silver
Gemstone: Rebeka
Size: 2 cm (0.8 inch)
Gemstone size 13*18 mm or 14*10 mm- see the different of sizes on the doll at the pictures -please select in the type box the option

The earrings will be packed in a gift box.

Please allow 4-5 days to prepare. I usually ship earlier than this.
If you are in a rush, please let me know.

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