Wedding comb hair

Rebeka Jewelry specializes in innovative designs, in this collection enjoy 2022 designs of comb hair jewelry designed for weddings.
The collection of hair accessories includes designed combs inlaid with crystal stones in different shades such as: clear crystal, blush crystals, pearl crystals, emerald green crystal, white opal crystal, morganite crystal, dusty blue and a wide range of other colors.
opal comb hair
The designer Rebeka works with this design method yourself in addition to the designs she has in her studio and what does that mean? Rebeka designs everything by hand so if the client wants to change the model according to her taste Rebeka works with her in collaboration and in the end the result comes out with the hand of Rebeka's designer and the client's personal taste, the client feels unique because the design is made especially for her and no one in the world Wearing the same hair comb accessories.
Rebeka has studied goldsmith jewelry and since then her designs have been sold all over the world and since she specializes in classic jewelry and antique filigree style jewelry, she manages to combine the two worlds and create a unique piece of jewelry.