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Rebeka Jewelry

Rebeka Jewelry is an Branding Partner
Our brand is legally licensed & authorized By Crystals Company for high quality manufacturing.
Rebeka Jewelry is a brand of Jewelry designs with high quality materials. Each one of our jewels is made with a deep thinking process, taking into account each detail to the last. In each one of our jewels you will feel the love that we have put into and the love for our profession.

Details of item:

Metal: Gold Plated ( yellow or rose gold) or Silver plated - Nickel Free
Gemstone: Crystals crystal
Size: 1*0.8 inches
The earrings will be packed in a gift box.
Ready to ship 2-5 days, delivery speed 6-12 business days

REBEKA’s skull earrings Travels Around the World

My skull jewelry is purchased all across the world. . Thanks to the choice of a customization  produce, a lot of folks can make their earrings bracelet and necklace totally to their taste. REBEKA jewelry produce is in high demand with brides. My turquoise earrings are a great success worldwide because of their top-notch quality. My range of metals includes 24k heavy coating on brass to black plating, brass plated, silver plated, and gold filled. My jewelry design is known around the globe as top-notch quality jewelry: the plating is thick and holds well, and the stones are of the most superb quality there is. My layouts embody style, status, and retro all at the same time.
Artfully handmade modern and vintage blue earrings from REBEKAjewelry. statement earrings for office and exclusive events. Great quality gems and metals with crystals from Crystals Worldwide
Handmade, fashion able ab crystals earrings for people who appreciate quality.