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Rebeka Jewelry

Rebeka jewelry is an Official SWAROVSKI® Branding Partner
Our brand is legally licensed & authorized By Swarovski Company for high quality manufacturing.

is a brand of Jewelry designs with high quality materials. Each one of jewels is made out of a thinking process, taking into account each detail to the last. In each one of my jewels you will feel the love our put into and the love for our profession.

Details of item:

The bracelet is made of weaving beads
The bracelet is made of layers of beads: a combination of Japanese beads and Swarovski beads.
The uniqueness of the bracelet is a combination of beads and stones
Creating a rich and luxurious look.

Metal of finish: 24k gold plated
Japanese beads -5 mm and Swarovski beads- 5 mm
Austrian Swarovsky crystals stone-8 mm/

18 cm long (7.2 inch)
width:4 cm (1.6 inch)
The bracelet will be packed in a gift box.
Ready to ship 4-5 days, delivery speed 6-12 business days