14K Gold Filled Bracelet


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impressive with Statement.

These stunning bracelet have a great statement look that can't be missed.
They would be great women jewelry to evening dress or daily.

gold filled bracelet
Metal is 14k goldfilld
Austrian Crystals crystals beads.
7.2 inch\18 cm -it can be customer size request
8 mm of beads crystals and goldfilld beads
All my jewelry come in a gift box.

Vintage Gold Filled Bracelet by Rebeka Jewelry

gold filled bead bracelet

The artist Rebeka Bev Haim created the company Rebeka Jewelry. The shop focuses on handcrafted jewelry while maintaining meticulous finish and superb quality of the jewelry merchandise. Each gold filled bracelet is made with accuracy and precision for the microscopic details. My jewelry produce is  glittery and made with Crystals special crystals; oftentimes I actually like to make use of original, great quality gemstones, in various other instances I actually was combining them with crystals stones, and in certain occasions I’m only using the latter. That method, the gold filled beaded jewelry will usually have totally authentic gemstones or only Crystals stones or both crystals and gemstones. The brand was qualified by crystals Crystal Worldwide; thus, every jewelry piece holds a label from Rebeka and with its approval.


The Passion for Jewelry : Gold Filled Beaded Jewelrygold filled bracelets

I actually live with a great desire for making jewelry; earn superb satisfaction from doing so. I have been making gold filled beaded jewelry since 2003; even so, the enthusiasm for jewelry is an old one. As a young girl, I’d observe my mother making jewelry pieces and painting. I was the person she had sent to the retailers in Tel-Aviv to shop for her beads and threads because she was disabled. My artistic vision is inspired by Hollywood’s red carpet; I identify with to the influence and statement of putting on jewelry. My wedding jewelry product is usually mostly aimed at events big and not. Of lately, I’ve designed a select marriage niche for the beautiful bride and the mothers in-law to be.


Gold Filled Bead Bracelet of Rebekajewelry All Around the Planet

gold filled beaded jewelry

My gold filled bead bracelet is definitely valued almost all across the globe. In addition, I also create jewelry pieces for males as well as youngsters and females of all ages. Thanks to the option of the bespoke order, folks may shape their gold filled bracelets entirely to their preferences. Rebeka jewelry produce is favoured by brides. My gold filled bead bracelet are such a great success because of their particular superb quality. My extent of metals encompasses heavy 24k gold plated brass to black coating, brass coated, silver plated, and gold filled. In some creations, I utilize 14k gold, especially when making wedding bands and when using with 925 silver. I always use the best possible materials, no wonder that Rebeka’s gold filled bracelet  are known in the world as top-notch quality jewelry. My styles indicate prestige, vintage, and style all at once.


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Custom made design Rebeka Beads Bracelet bespoke Rebeka.

crystals beads bracelet

The interested party may contact the designer in regards crystals beads bracelet to match their particular outfit, according to their particular sizing and funds. People of various professions and pursuits will be able to find a piece they like in my jewelry store because of the extensive variety of ingredients I am exploiting. Everyone should be able to manage to shop Blush Nude Bracelet in Rebekajewelry. Favorite tones are as following: clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green, aquamarine blue, blush pink, navy blue, blush rose, dusty blue, white opal, | blush pink, aquamarine blue, navy blue, clear crystal, emerald green, ivory crème, white opal, dusty blue, blush rose, | ivory crème, emerald green, clear crystal white opal, dusty blue, blush rose, aquamarine blue, navy blue, blush pink, | white opal, dusty blue, blush rose, ivory crème, emerald green, clear crystal, blush pink, aquamarine blue, and navy blue. Classical design is among my specialties. The gems I usually apply are opal, coral, turquoise, amethyst, onyx, rose quartz, | onyx, amethyst, red quartz, coral, turquoise, opal, and more.