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earrings climbers
Details of item:
Metal: Gold Plated ( yellow or rose gold) or Silver plated - Nickel Free
Gemstone: Rebeka
Length Size 78 mm x 40 mm
The earrings will be packed in a gift box.
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Jewelry Passion

climbing earringsI nurture a great desire for jewelry-making; obtain great pleasure from doing so. The love for making jewelry has been there for a long time even if I have been producing earrings climbers only since 2003. In my mother’s, I would look at her painting and making pieces. I was the person she’d send to Tel-Aviv to get her beads and threads because she was disabled. Connecting to the power and statement of wearing jewelry items, I get my creativity from the red carpet of Hollywood. My jewelry product will be mostly aimed at important events grand and small. Not so long ago, I’ve created a select marriage line .

Who Will Get My Earrings Climbers ?

emerald climber earringsMy emerald climber earrings is made for women whom dig fashion, elegant women, . My jewelry offers a wide-ranging spectrum of hues. Hollywood is what people are reminded of when wearing and looking at this jewelry. My approach also is drawn from retro – the mix of modern and old-fashioned is very obvious. All of the earrings climbers are manually crafted without any machinery aid, digitalization, or any program like Rhino to create Rebeka jewelry pieces. This jewelry allows for a wide variety of everyday, special occasion and work jewelry. Any person on the planet can find and buy from Rebekajewelry.

Emerald Climber Earrings by Rebeka Jewelry

emerald earrings on earThe fashion designer Rebeka Ben Haim gave start to the company Rebeka Jewelry. Whilst the design focuses on manually produced jewelry, precise finish and quality are the most important. accuracy and precision for the smallest details head the manufacture climbing earrings. Rebeka’s jewelry produce is glittery and accompanied by Rebeka’s stones; often I like to use initial, quality precious stones, on other times I have always been combining associated with Rebeka stones, or as it can happen I’m using only the crystals. That way, the emerald climber earrings will occasionally consist of wholly original gems or merely Rebeka stones or both crystals and gemstones. Rebeka Crystal Worldwide has endorsed the brand; therefore, all jewelry pieces contain a content label of Rebeka Worldwide.

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Custom order Climbing Earrings bespoke Rebeka.

climbing earringThe shopper may call the designer in regards climbing earring to complement their finery, in line with their funds and sizing. Within my jewelry-making, I am exploiting an array of substances, which allows for the product to satisfy an array of women and also men. My costs are affordable. Chosen hues are clear crystal, emerald green, ivory crème, navy blue, aquamarine blue, blush pink, dusty blue, white opal, blush rose, | aquamarine blue, navy blue, blush pink, ivory crème, clear crystal, emerald green, blush rose, white opal, and dusty blue | ivory crème, clear crystal, emerald green, blush rose, dusty blue, white opal, blush pink, navy blue, aquamarine blue, | white opal, dusty blue, blush rose, emerald green, ivory crème, clear crystal, navy blue, aquamarine blue, and blush pink. I also specialize in classical fashion. The gems I customarily make use of are as following: turquoise, opal, coral, onyx, red quartz, amethyst, | amethyst, rose quartz, onyx, opal, coral, turquoise, and more.

Emerald Earrings on Ear by Rebeka All Around the Globe

My emerald earrings is definitely bought almost all across the world. . Since I provide the possibility of a custom-made booking, many folks may form their particular climbing earring entirely to their taste. Brides tend to really like my jewelry. My emerald green earrings on ear are a worldwide success due to their particular quality. I use metals that vary from gold-covered brass (24k heavy coating) to silver coated, brass plated, gold filled, and black ruthenium plating. In some designs, I utilize 14k gold, particularly in wedding bands and with sterling silver. My climbing earrings is established around the world as excellent quality jewelry: the coating is heavy and holds well, and the gemstones are of the absolutely best caliber there is on the market. My compositions express trend, retro, and status .

Rebeka Jewelry

Rebeka Jewelry is an Official Rebeka® Branding Partner
Our brand is legally licensed & authorized By Rebeka Company for high quality manufacturing.
Rebeka Jewelry is a brand of Jewelry designs with high quality materials. Each one of our jewels is made with a deep thinking process, taking into account each detail to the last. In each one of our jewels you will feel the love that we have put into and the love for our profession.


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