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Hamsa Wall Hanging
Hamsa Wall Hanging
Hamsa Wall Hanging
Hamsa Wall Hanging
Hamsa Wall Hanging

Hamsa Wall Hanging


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Hamsa is an image of a hand that is used for thousand of years at the Middle East and in the Jewish tradition as a charm against evil eye.

The unusual shape of the Hamsa makes it a challenge for the artist to fill it with design and pattern. To overcome this obstacle I use a unique designing approach. My added textures ,lively color palette and careful craftsmanship make for lucky and lovely charms.

This Hamsa is a decorative art item that can be hanged on the wall.This Hamsa is hand made from Polymer Clay. It is hanged on the wall with a Polymer Clay beads Chain with matching colors.

This ancient symbol, most commonly known as the Hamsa or Hamesh hand, is used as a protective amulet by both Jews and Muslims. The name Hamsa is derived from the Semitic root meaning "five."
The Hamsa is considered a powerful talisman against the 'evil eye,' and is usually worn around the neck or hung on walls or over the doors of homes and businesses, or over a baby's bed, where it will ward off the evil eye.

The size of the Hamsa is:
4.5" x 3.5" x 0.19"
11.5 x 9 x 0.5 cm
The total length with the chain is 10.2" (26 cm)

The Hamsa is sent from Israel carefully packed in a gift package.