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LIGHT BLUE Earrings, Bride Teardrop Earrings, Bridal Ab Crystal Earrings, Aquamarine Chandelier Earrings,Statement Rebeka Wedding Earring

blue earrings
Earrings details:
Metal: Brass - nickel free
Plating finish: rose gold plated / Silver plated / Gold Plated / black plated(nickel free)
Gemstone: Rebeka Crystal
Size: 2.2 cm x 4 cm (0.86 inches x 1.57 inches)
The earrings will be packed in a gift box.
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REBEKA JEWELRY creates Light Blue Earrings

light blue earrings for weddingThe label REBEKA JEWELRY was originated by the talented designer REBEKA BEN HAIM. The brand pursues handcrafted jewelry products while emphasizing clear-cut carryout and superb quality of the jewelry merchandise. Each light blue earrings for wedding is produced with accuracy and precision for the slightest details. Accompanied by Rebeka’s unique stones, REBEKA’s pieces are sparkly; occasionally I prefer to apply original, great quality precious stones, in other times I am merging them with Rebeka stones, when suitable I’m using only the latter. That way, the light blue earrings will routinely consist of wholly pristine gemstones or only Rebeka stones or both crystals and gemstones. The brand is qualified by Rebeka Crystal Worldwide; subsequently, every jewelry item holds a label from Rebeka Worldwide and with its authorization.

The Love for Jewelry

bridal teardrop earringsI live with an immense sentiment for jewelry; earn superb satisfaction from doing so. I have been crafting long light blue earrings since 2003; on the other hand, the love for jewelry-making is an old one. As a youngster, I’d watch my mother drawing and crafting jewelry. My mom had been immobile, so when she had begun handcrafting from her home, I was the person that went to the shops in Tel-Aviv to buy her beads; therefore, as it goes, that’s how my pursuit was born. My ideas for long light blue earrings are inspired by Hollywood’s celebrated red carpet; I identify with to the dominance and statement of putting on jewelry. My blue earrings jewelry product will be mainly aimed at special events big and small. Of lately, I have produced a select wedding niche .

Who Gets My Light Blue Earrings for Wedding ?

light blue earringsMy light blue earrings for wedding jewelry is to please girls who look for fashion, vogue and classy women. REBEKA’s jewelry produce enjoys a far-reaching scope of hues. The jewelry type passes on to the client a feeling of stepping on a Hollywood’s red carpet. My approach also is drawn from the past – you can see a combo of retro and modern fashion. Necessary to know! All my light blue earrings for wedding are handcrafted made by hand without any machinery assistance, digitalization, or a Rhino program to formulate my jewelry items. In REBEKA jewelry, you can choose between products for fancy occasions, jewelry to go to work, and also daily casual things. Any individual around the globe can find and purchase from REBEKAjewelry.

Bespoke REBEKA Bridal Teardrop Earrings by personal order.

bridal blue earringsThe shopper can call the designer in regards bridal teardrop earrings to match their costume, according to their sizing and funds. Within my jewelry-crafting, I am making use of a diversity of components, that allows for the produce to satisfy an array of women and also men. My rates for bridal blue earrings are affordable to all. Favored colors are as following: clear crystal, emerald green, ivory crème,aquamarine blue, blush pink, navy blue, dusty blue, white opal, blush rose,|navy blue, aquamarine blue, blush pinkivory crème, emerald green, clear crystal,blush rose, white opal, and dusty blue|emerald green, ivory crème, clear crystal, blush rose, white opal, dusty blue,navy blue, aquamarine blue, blush pink,|blush rose, dusty blue, white opal,ivory crème, emerald green, clear crystal, navy blue, aquamarine blue, and blush pink. I also specialize in classical fashion. The precious stones I customarily apply areopal, coral, turquoise,amethyst, rose quartz, onyx,|rose quartz, onyx, amethyst,coral, turquoise, opal, and more.