Waist belt.


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Waist belt. Corset Belt. Leather Brown Belt. Women's Belt. Women Leather Belt. Waist Slimming Belt. Thick Crystals Belt. Stretch Belt

beautiful dark brown leather belt To emphasize women waist


Metirial: Leather and clear crystals

90 cm / 36 inch long
8.5 cm / 3.4 inches width


Waist Belts – A Fashion Accessory Every Women Should Have in Their Closet

Waist belts are a fashion accessory every woman should have in their closet, probably more than one, maybe even two.  Belts are also an item that is essential in pulling together your look when deciding what to wear, especially when you want to look professional but not stuffy and overdone. You should always have a nice belt lying around whether it's at home or in your office drawer.  Belts can complete your outfit! They're the finishing touch to your outfit, and every time I wear one, I feel more confident about how my clothing fits me. Keep reading to find out why you should have a few belts in your closet to mix and match with your daily look.


You can wear them in almost any weather and with almost any outfit

Waist belts are one of the most versatile accessories you can own. They can be worn on their own, as an accessory to a dress or even as part of your bathing suit. They also come in a variety of styles and materials to suit any occasion or taste.

You can wear them in almost any weather and with almost any outfit. They are perfect for casual days or for more formal occasions when you want to add some color or texture to your look. Waistbelts are also a great way for women to accentuate their curves and highlight their waistline, which is the most flattering part of your body from the front view.


They are an excellent way to add a little interest to an otherwise boring outfit

Waist belts have been a part of women’s fashion since time immemorial. There’s a reason why they are an excellent way to add a little excitement to an otherwise boring looking outfit.

Waist belts can be worn with any type of dress or skirt, but they look especially good with long, flowing skirts. If you wear them with short skirts, make sure that the length is right for your body type. If you have a small waist and long legs, a short waist waist belt can make your legs look longer and more elegant. If you have a large waist and short legs, then you should opt for a longer belt that will accentuate your curves favorably!

The most common material used in making these belts is leather, but there are also many other options available today such as metal, faux leather and even fabric belts which are great for casual wear because they don’t require much maintenance at all!


Rebeka Jewelry – Waist Belts

At Rebeka Jewelry we have a wide selection of custom and hand-crafted waist belts in different sizes colors and patterns. From leather to link metal belts you’re sure to find something to match your daily choice of outfits. Browse through our wide selection of elegant and stylish waist belts. For more information or to see our huge collection click here.