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Cameo jewelry

unique antique cameo crafted by REBEKA JEWELRy

Green cameo ringThe label REBEKA JEWELRY was originated by the gifted designer REBEKA BEN HAIM. The shop specializes in handcrafted jewelry made by hand while maintaining meticulous finish and superb quality of the jewelry product. Each Cameo jewelry is produced with accuracy and precision for the miniscule fine points. REBEKA’s jewelry pieces are glistening and inset with Rebeka’s unique stones; sometimes I like to use original, high quality gemstones, on other occasions I am merging them with Rebeka stones, or as it can happen I am only using the crystals. This way, the cameo bracelet will regularly display wholly original gemstones or only Rebeka stones or both crystals and gems. The brand was registered by Rebeka Crystal Worldwide; as a result, every jewelry product has a label by Rebeka and with its .

Fascination with Jewelry

Black cameo ringI have a strong fascination with jewelry-making; I like very much handling it, and . I have been crafting toggle cameo necklace as of 2003; however, the love for jewelry-design is an old one. In the house of my mother, I’d observe her drawing and making pieces. I was the person she would send to Tel-Aviv to get her beads because she was bedridden. My inspiration has to do Hollywood’s red carpet; I identify with to the supremacy and assertion of wearing jewelry items. My jewelry produce can be mostly targeting important events large and small. Of lately, I have designed a special marriage collection to suit the bride and the mothers of the bride and the groom.

Who Is REBEKA’s Cameo jewelry For?

REBEKA’s wedding jewelry is to satisfy females who understand style, women with a fashion chic who are trendy. My jewelry enjoys a far-reaching range of colors. The jewelry design gives the client a feeling of being on a Hollywood’s red carpet. My inspiration additionally based on retro – you can notice a mix of old-fashioned and modern fashion. Necessary information! All my cameo earrings are handmade with no machinery assistance, computerization, or any program like Rhino to make my jewelry items. REBEKA jewelry allows for plenty of variety of special occasion, work and everyday jewelry. Anyone in the world can discover and purchase from REBEKAjewelry.

Cameo jewelry bespoke REBEKA.

Cameo necklaceThe shopper can make contact with the designer regarding Cameo jewelry to complement their outfit, according to their means and dimension. For my jewelry-crafting, I am exploiting an array of materials, which allows for the outcome to suit an array of women ear cuff earrings .My costs are affordable to most folks. Favored hues are clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green, navy blue, aquamarine blue, blush pink,white opal, dusty blue, blush rose,|navy blue, aquamarine blue, blush pink ,ivory crème, emerald green, clear crystal,blush rose, dusty blue, white opal|ivory crème, emerald green, clear crystal white opal, blush rose, dusty blue,aquamarine blue, navy blue, blush pink, dusty blue, blush rose, white opal,emerald green, clear crystal, ivory crème,aquamarine blue, blush pink, and navy blue. Vintage fashion is one of my specialities. The natural stones I usually apply areopal, turquoise, coral,amethyst, rose quartz, onyx,|onyx, amethyst, red quartz,opal, coral, turquoise, and more.

Cameo jewelry of REBEKAjewelry Worldwide

Cameo braceletMy Victorian toggle cameo necklace is purchased all across the globe. . Since I give the possibility of a bespoke purchase, a lot of folks can form their cameo bracelet in accordance with their preferences. Brides tend to really take to my jewelry. My cameo jewelry are such a great success due to their quality. My range of metals encompasses 24k heavy coating on brass to black coating, brass plated, silver coated, and gold filled. . I invariably use the best materials on the market, therefore my cameo necklace are known around the globe as high quality jewelry. My layouts exhibit fashion, vintage, and prestige .

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