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hoop earrings

Many styles of hoop earrings by Rebeka jewelry



stud hoopsMy jewelry is favoured by brides. My small hoop earrings are a great success worldwide because of their top-notch quality. The metals I use vary from 24k heavy coating on brass to black plating, brass plated, silver plated, and gold filled. . I always work with the best possible materials, no wonder that Rebeka’s ethnic earrings  are well-known in the world as quality jewelry. My layouts show trend, status, and retro altogether












Who Will Buy My earrings hoops ? 

rose gold hoop earringsRebeka’s extra large hoop earrings is designed to satisfy those females who have dig style, dashing women, and those with fashion chic. My jewelry supply offers a wide-ranging spectrum of colors. The jewelry design transmits to the client a feeling of stepping on a red carpet of Hollywood. My approach also based on retro – you can see a mix of vintage and today’s style. All my thick hoop earrings are handmade without any machinery assistance, computers, or a Rhino program to formulate my jewelry. my jewelry, there’s always a choice jewelry pieces for significant appearances, jewelry for work, and day-to-day laid-back things. Any individual on the planet can find and buy from Rebekajewelry.


Rose gold hoop earrings

hoop dangle earrings


Bespoke Rebeka rose gold hoop earrings by personal shopping.  The customer may call the artist regarding earrings hoops to suit their regalia, in agreement with their funds and dimension. People of various professions and pursuits will be able to choose a piece to their liking in my shop due to the great variety of materials I am working with. Everyone should be able to manage to buy from my store. Preferred hues are clear crystal, emerald green, ivory crème, blush pink, aquamarine blue, navy blue, dusty blue, white opal, blush rose, | aquamarine blue, navy blue, blush pink, ivory crème, emerald green, clear crystal, dusty blue, white opal, blush rose, | clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green, blush rose, white opal, dusty blue, aquamarine blue, blush pink, navy blue, | white opal, dusty blue, blush rose, emerald green, ivory crème, clear crystal, blush pink, aquamarine blue, and navy blue. I also focus on classical fashion. The precious stones I actually habitually use are as following: turquoise, coral, opal, amethyst, onyx, rose quartz, | rose quartz, amethyst, onyx, turquoise, opal, coral, and more.


hoop crystal earrings

Rebeka Jewelry fashions crystal hoop earrings The talented artist Rebeka Ben Haim created the brand name Rebeka Jewelry. The design focuses on handcrafted jewelry made manually while emphasizing quality and clear-cut carryout of the jewelry product. Every bridal hoop earrings is handled with accuracy and precision for the microscopic fine points. Accompanied by Rebeka’s special crystals, my produce is sparkly; oftentimes We like to utilize initial,This method,

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