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Bridal mothers ask some questions about their appearance.

Should the mother of the bride wear pearls?

Can mother of bride wear black?

Can mother of the bride wear red?

Does the mother of the bride choose her dress first?

Should the mother of the bride carry a purse?


Mother of the bride to be – What Jewelry Should You Pair with Your Outfit on Her Special Day?

Every bride deserves to look her best on her big day. The mother of the bride is no exception, and it's important for her to

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spend some time choosing the jewelry that she will wear to celebrate this very special occasion. There are lots of different options, but before you head out to make your purchases, think about what you want to get for the occasion. Spending some time researching what would go well with your dress will help you in making a decision on the type of jewelry you should buy.


Consider the length of your dress

When you're attending a wedding, it's important to be mindful of your accessories. The right necklace or earrings can add just the right amount of sparkle, while others may take away from your overall look. Before you make any jewelry purchases for your daughter's big day, it's important to consider the length of your dress and how much skin it shows.

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Consider the Length of Your Dress

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The length of your dress can dictate how much jewelry you should wear. If you are wearing something long and flowing, then wearing jewelry with a chain will be ideal. However, if you are wearing something short with little fabric coverage, then go for more delicate pieces that won't distract from what matters most — like your smile!


Consider How Much Skin Your Dress Shows

If your dress is low cut in the front or back, then necklaces are not recommended. You may want to wear earrings instead so that they don't get lost in all of your beautiful locks!


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Don’t be afraid to show some sparkle


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Mother of the bride, you have a very special role to play on your daughter’s big day. You want to look your best and make sure that your outfit complements her dress perfectly. So, what jewelry should you wear?


If you are wearing an elegant gown, then don’t be afraid to add a little bling! Jewelry can really take up an outfit and make it pop.

Try pairing a statement necklace with your gown or dress. If you are wearing a long-sleeved dress or gown, then go for something shorter like a choker or pendant necklace instead. The idea is to avoid having too much going on at once because it can look overwhelming.

If you want something simple and elegant, then consider a pair of earrings or bracelet that matches your dress color. Simple yet elegant is always a winning combination when it comes to accessories as well as clothing!


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