Zirconia Jewelry

white gold cubic zirconia stud earrings

REBEKA JEWELRY designs Zirconia Jewelry

wedding zirconia jewelryThe designer REBEKA BEN HAIM made the company REBEKA JEWELRY. The store pursues handcrafted jewelry whilst insisting on quality and precise carryout of the jewelry product. All zirconia jewelry are made with exactness and attention for the slightest specifics. Embedded with Rebeka’s special crystals, REBEKA’s pieces are shiny; often I prefer to employ original, great quality gems, in other occasions I am incorporating them with Rebeka crystals, sometimes I’m only using the latter. This way, the
white gold cubic zirconia stud earrings will generally have wholly pristine gemstones or merely Rebeka crystals or both gemstones and crystals. The brand got registered by Rebeka Crystal Worldwide; consequently, every jewelry merchandise has a label from Rebeka Worldwide and with its consent.

Fascination with Jewelry

zirconia bridal jewelryI nurture a tremendous desire for jewelry; I enjoy dealing with it, and . I have been creating
zirconia bridal jewelry since 2003; however, the passion for making jewelry is an old one. As a child, I’d watch my mother painting and making jewelry pieces. I was the person she’d sent to the shops in Tel-Aviv to acquire her beads and threads since she was immobile. My ideas draws from the famous red carpet of Hollywood; I relate to the affirmation and power of jewelry. My jewelry produce is definitely primarily focused on special occasions major and small. Recently, I have developed an exclusive wedding niche for the bride and the mothers in-law to be.

Who Buys My Zirconia Bridal Jewelry ?

cubic zirconia bridal earringsMy wedding zirconia jewelry is for women who dig fashion, women with a fashion chic who are glamorous. My jewelry supply presents a comprehensive scope of colors. Hollywood is what women are reminded of when looking at my wedding jewelry. My inspiration similarly based on retro – the mixture of modernization and past styles is very noticeable. All zirconia bridal jewelry are handcraftedmade by hand without any machinery, computers, or a Rhino program to produce my jewelry items. my jewelry, there’s a choice products for glamorous appearances, jewelry to work, and also daily casual stuff. Anyone around the globe can find and purchase from REBEKAjewelry.

Personal purchase Wedding Zirconia Jewelry bespoke REBEKA.

zirconia jewelryThe shopper can get in touch with the artist regarding wedding zirconia jewelry to match their dress, according to their finance and sizing. In my jewelry-crafting, I am utilizing an array of components, that allows for the produce to please an array of women. My tariffs are affordable to most people. Selected hues are as following: clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green,aquamarine blue, blush pink, navy blue, dusty blue, blush rose, white opal,|navy blue, aquamarine blue, blush pink emerald green jewelry, ivory crème, clear crystal,dusty blue, blush rose, white opal,| clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green,dusty blue, white opal, blush roseblush pink, aquamarine blue, navy blue,|blush rose, dusty blue, white opal,clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green,aquamarine blue, blush pink, and navy blue. Retro mode is among my major pursuits. The natural stones I prefer to apply areturquoise, opal, coral,rose quartz, onyx, amethyst,|amethyst, rose quartz, onyx,coral, opal, turquoise, and more.

REBEKA’s Zirconia Earrings White Gold Goes Round the World

zirconia earrings white goldMy zirconia earrings white gold is trendy all round the world. . Since I provide the possibility of a custom-made order, folks can choose to make their
white gold cubic zirconia stud earrings totally to their preferences. Brides tend to really take to my jewelry. My zirconia jewelry are succeeding worldwide because of their high quality. My metals of choice vary from heavy 24k gold plated brass to gold filled, silver coated, brass plated and black ruthenium coating. . My zirconia earrings white gold is well-known around the globe as good quality jewelry: the coating is heavy and forever holds, and the gems are of the absolutely best class there is. My earring jewelry designs exhibit retro, prestige, and style .
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