Bronze jewelry

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Bronze Jewelry designed by REBEKA JEWELRY

bronze jewelry for herThe talented creator REBEKA BEN HAIM made the brand REBEKA JEWELRY. Whilst the design focuses on handmade jewelry product, superb quality and precise finish are the most important. All bronze jewelry are crafted with accuracy and attention to the microscopic details. My quality affordable jewelry items are glistening and accompanied by Rebeka’s crystals; occasionally I am using original, excellent quality gemstones, on other times I am combining them with Rebeka stones, and in certain occasions I am only using the latter. This way, the bronze jewelry for her will generally display wholly pristine gemstones or only Rebeka crystals or both crystals and gemstones. The brand got accredited by Rebeka Crystal Worldwide; consequently, every gold bronze jewelry product arrives with a label by Rebeka Worldwide and with its permission.

Fascination with Jewelry

bronze jewelry necklaceI live with a tremendous passion for jewelry; get great joy from it. The love for making jewelry has been there for a long time even if I have been bronze jewelry necklace  just since 2003. At a tender age, in my mom’s house, I’d see her sketching and making pieces. My mom was disabled, so when she started making things by hand from home, I was the person she’d sent to the market in Tel-Aviv to buy her beads; thus, , that’s how my pursuit was born. Connecting to the dominance and affirmation of wearing bridal jewelry items, I take my motivation from the famous red carpet of Hollywood. My bronze jewelry necklace is mainly aimed at events big and not. Not so long ago, I have created an exclusive wedding line for the bride and the mothers in-law to be.

Who Is My  For?

bronze jewelryREBEKA’s bronze jewelry for women jewelry is to suit ladies who get fashion, elegant women, and those with fashion chic. REBEKA’s jewelry produce combines a comprehensive scope of hues. Hollywood is what people are reminded of when looking at my jewelry. My inspiration as equally based on retro – the mix of nowadays fashion and vintage is very noticeable. Necessary announcement! All my bronze jewelry  are handmade with no machinery, digitalization, or any program like Rhino to produce my jewelry items. This jewelry allows for a great variety of casual, office and special occasion jewelry. Any woman on the planet can find and buy from REBEKAjewelry.

Bespoke REBEKA Bronze Jewelry for her by personal shopping.

gold bronze jewelryThe client can call the artist about women's bronze jewelry to complement their finery, in accordance with their finances and dimension. For my jewelry-making, I am making use of a selection of elements, which allows for the outcome to suit a massive range of women and also men. My items are affordable to most folks. Favorite hues are as following: ivory crème, clear crystal, emerald green, navy blue, blush pink, aquamarine blue, blush rose, white opal, and dusty blue|blush pink, aquamarine blue, navy blue,clear crystal, emerald green, ivory crème,blush rose, white opal, and dusty blue|emerald green, ivory crème, clear crystal, dusty blue, blush rose, white opal,navy blue, blush pink, and aquamarine blue|white opal, dusty blue, blush rose,clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green,aquamarine blue, navy blue, and blush pink. Classical mode is among my pursuits. The stones I like to apply are as following:opal, turquoise, coral,rose quartz, onyx, amethyst,|amethyst, onyx, rose quartz,turquoise, coral, opal, and more.

Women's Bronze Jewelry by REBEKA Worldwide

women's bronze jewelryMy women's bronze jewelry is valued all across the world. I also sell jewelry for men and also young people and females of all ages. Thanks to the option of a custom-made purchase, many people can form their bronze jewelry set totally to their liking. My produce is tremendously in demand with brides. My bronze jewelry for her  are a great success worldwide thanks to their quality. My range of metals comprises heavy 24k gold plated brass to black coating, brass plated, silver plated, and gold filled. In some jewelry pieces, I use 14k gold, especially in wedding rings and on silver 925. I always use the best possible materials, therefore my bronze jewelry are well-known in the world as excellent quality jewelry. My compositions depict status, vintage, and trend all at once.