Champagne bracelet

Champagne bracelet by Rebeka jewelry

Champagne bracelet
I have an enormous sentiment for making jewelry; I like very much working with it, and producing champagne bracelet provides me with great satisfaction. The love for jewelry has been in me for a long time even if I have been making champagne bracelet merely since 2003. In my mother’s, I’d observe her painting and crafting jewelry. I was the person that went to Tel-Aviv to buy her beads because she was immobile. My ideas draws from Hollywood’s red carpet; I identify with to the affirmation and influence of putting on jewelry. My creation will be primarily targeting special events large and small. Recently, I’ve created an exclusive wedding niche for the bride and the mothers of the bride and the groom.

Bridal champagne bracelet

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REBEKA’s bridal jewelry is made to please those females who dig style, trendy women with a fashion chic. My jewelry supply presents a wide range of hues. Hollywood is what comes to mind when looking at this jewelry. My inspiration as evenly based on retro – you can see a blend of retro and modern fashion. All my champagne bracelet  are created manually without any machinery assistance, digitalization, or a Rhino program to produce my champagne bracelet. In REBEKA jewelry, you can select from jewelry for special appearances, champagne bracelet to go to work, and also day-to-day casual look. Anyone in the world can find and purchase from REBEKAjewelry.