crystal earrings

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crystal swarovski earrings

The business REBEKA JEWELRY was originated by the designer  REBEKA BEN HAIM.  The brand specializes in handcrafted jewelry made by hand while maintaining good quality and clear-cut finish of the jewelry produce. accuracy and precision for the slightest specifics direct the manufacture crystal earrings. Accompanied by Swarovski’s special crystals, REBEKA’s pieces are glittering;  often I am employing original, top quality gems, in other times I am merging them with Swarovski crystals, in certain occasions I am using only the latter. This way, the bridal crystal earrings will periodically display wholly authentic gemstones or only Swarovski crystals or both gemstones and crystals. Swarovski Crystal had endorsed the manufacturer; therefore, all jewelry include a tag of Swarovski Worldwide.