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Earrings with Genuine Rebeka tag with the seal and verification code

Rebeka Jewelry

green Rebeka earrings
Details of item:
Metal: 24K Gold Plated ( yellow or rose plated) or silver plated - Nickel Free
Gemstone: Rebeka crystal
Earrings Size: (45 mm h x 35 mm w), (1.75 inches h x 1.4 inches w)
The earrings will be packed in a gift box.
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Who Will Buy Rebeka’s Emerald Chandelier Earrings ?

long emerald earrings

My Emerald chandelier earrings is to satisfy females who have understand fashion, vogue and trendy women. My jewelry presents a wide-ranging spectrum of colors. Hollywood is what people are reminded of when wearing my jewelry. My inspiration equally leans on the past – the mixture of modern fashion and vintage is very striking. All of the Emerald chandelier earrings are crafted manually without any machinery, computers, or a Rhino program to formulate Rebeka jewelry. This jewelry provides you with a great variety of everyday, office and special occasion jewelry. Any woman around the globe can find and purchase from Rebekajewelry.

Green Rebeka Earrings by Rebeka Jewelry

Emerald chandelier earrings

The talented fashion designer Rebeka Bev Haim developed the company Rebeka Jewelry. Whilst the store concentrates on manually produced jewelry pieces, clear-cut carryout and top quality are crucial. accuracy and precision for the tiniest fine points head the assembly green Rebeka earrings. Accompanied by Rebeka’s special crystals, my jewelry items are glistening; occasionally I actually will make use of initial, top quality precious stones, on various other instances We were combining them with Rebeka stones, and in certain occasions I am only using the latter. That way, the emerald crystal earrings can routinely consist of wholly pristine gems or just Rebeka stones or both crystals and gemstones. Rebeka Crystal had certified the store; therefore, all jewelry pieces have a tag of Rebeka Worldwide.

Emerald Crystal Earrings by Rebeka Worldwide

emerald crystal earrings

My emerald crystal earrings is definitely trendy all round the world. . Thanks to the alternative of the custom-made order, women may choose to make their particular long emerald earrings in accordance with their preferences. Rebeka produce is favoured by brides. My long emerald earrings als encompasses heavy 24k gold plated brass to silver plated, brass coated, gold filled, and black ruthenium coating. . I always apply the best materials on the market, so that is why my emerald crystal earrings are well-known around the globe as top-notch quality jewelry. My creative styles convey status, vintage, and chic .

Emerald Vintage Earrings bespoke Rebeka.

emerald vintage earrings

The client may make contact with the artist about emerald vintage earrings to complement their particular regalia, according to their dimensions and budget. Women and also men from all walks of life will be able to choose a piece they like in my jewelry store because of the broad range of substances I am exploiting. Everyone can manage to buy from my shop. Selected tones are as following: emerald green earrings, clear crystal, ivory crème blush pink, navy blue, aquamarine blue, white opal, dusty blue, blush rose, | navy blue, aquamarine blue, blush pink clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green, white opal, dusty blue, blush rose, | clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green, white opal jewelry, blush rose, dusty blue aquamarine blue, blush pink, navy blue, | blush rose, dusty blue, white opal, emerald green, clear crystal, ivory crème, aquamarine blue, navy blue, and blush pink. Retro style is one of my major pursuits. The natural stones We tend to work with are as following: coral, turquoise, opal, amethyst, onyx, rose quartz, | rose quartz, amethyst, onyx, coral, opal, turquoise, and more.

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Our brand is legally licensed & authorized By Rebeka Company for high quality manufacturing.

is a brand of Jewelry designs with high quality materials. Each one of jewels is made out of a thinking process, taking into account each detail to the last. In each one of my jewels you will feel the love our put into and the love for our profession.