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bronze cocktail ring


How to Match Your Outfit with Your Jewelry - Summer Cocktail Ring Ideas

opal cocktail ring

Cocktail rings are not a new accessory in the world of fashion; they’ve been around almost as long as little black dresses. The cocktail ring has seen many reincarnations and permutations over the years, but its lasting popularity can be attributed to one of its most important assets: versatility. It's no surprise that cocktail rings will never go out of style.

Summer's coming! But no matter what the temperature is outside, there are certain pieces of jewelry that will always look good any time of year. Find out why you should consider purchasing a cocktail ring as your next piece of jewelry or newest fashion accessory.


Take your style up a notch with cocktail rings


black cocktail ring


If you're wearing a stylish crystal ring, you'll want to make sure the rest of your outfit matches. These rings make a statement at any event or occasion.

Here's how to style your look with the right cocktail ring:

  1. Choose a ring that matches your outfit

If you're wearing a cocktail ring, make sure it matches at least one other item in your outfit. That could be your shoes or handbag, or even just the color of your top or pants.

  1. Wear jewelry that goes with your outfit and style

You don't have to wear jewelry every day, but if you do, it should match your outfit in color and style so that it doesn't look like an afterthought when you're getting dressed in the morning!

  1. Try on different rings together to see which looks best on you

You may think that one cocktail ring will go great with everything else in your closet (and it may!), but it's always smart to try one on with different outfits before heading out the door so you don't look like an amateur fashionista who can't match clothes together!


Pick a color that complements your skin tone

cocktail crystal ring

Summer is a great time to wear cocktail rings, but what if you’re not sure what style to wear?

Pick a color for your cocktail ring that complements your skin tone. For example, if you have a tan or golden skin tone, go for bright colors like orange and yellow. If you have a light skin tone, pick pastels like blue and green.

Match your cocktail ring with the rest of your outfit. For example, if you are wearing an elegant dress and want to add some sparkle to it, then choose a cocktail ring with some glitzy stones or embellishment. Matching your cocktail ring with the rest of your outfit makes it easy to coordinate with different styles and helps keep things fresh and interesting!


Rebeka Jewelry – Cocktail Rings

cocktail ring

At Rebeka Jewelry we have years of experience designing and creating unique and custom cocktail rings including huge rings and smaller more subtle ones. Whether you’re looking for a nice crystal ring for a fancy occasion or just a fun night out with friends, Rebeka Jewelry has it all. For more information on our huge selection of cocktail rings visit