Purple earrings

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long purple earrings

Vintage Purple Earrings by REBEKA JEWELRY

bright purple earringsThe brand REBEKA JEWELRY was crafted by the fashion designer REBEKA BEN HAIM. The store focuses on handcrafted jewelry made manually while insisting on clear-cut carryout and top quality of the jewelry item. accuracy and attention to the tiniest details guide the manufacture purple earrings. Accompanied by Rebeka’s crystals, my pieces are sparkling; occasionally I prefer to utilize original, good quality precious stones, on other instances I am combining them with Rebeka crystals, while another time I am using only the latter. This way, the long purple earrings will regularly display wholly pristine gemstones or just Rebeka stones or both gemstones and crystals. The brand is licensed by Rebeka Crystal Worldwide; as a result, every antique jewelry product includes a label from Rebeka Worldwide and with its .

Jewelry Passion

deep purple earrings I have a great desire for jewelry-making; I enjoy dealing with it, and . The enthusiasm for jewelry-design is familiar one even though I have beenlong purple earrings only since 2003. As a young girl, I’d observe my mother painting and crafting jewelry. My mother was immobile, so when she began making things by hand from home, I was the person she had sent to the retailers in Tel-Aviv to buy beads and threads for her; so, , that’s how it evolved. Having the connection to the assertion and domination of jewelry, I draw my creativity from Hollywood’s celebrated red carpet. My jewelry is definitely mostly aimed at events big and not. Of lately, I’ve designed a special wedding niche for the bride and the mothers of the the groom and the bride.

Who Will Buy REBEKA’s Gold and Purple Earrings ?

gold and purple earringsMy gold and purple earrings is to suit those females who love trend, women with a fashion sense who are elegant. My jewelry enjoys a far-reaching scope of colors. The jewelry design transmits to the customer a feeling of being on a red carpet of Hollywood. My inspiration similarly is drawn from the past – you can observe a mixture of old-fashioned and modern fashion. All my gold and purple earrings are handcraftedmade by hand with no machinery aid, computers, or any program like Rhino to formulate REBEKA jewelry. my jewelry, you can decide on items for special occasions, jewelry to go to work, as well as daily nonchalant style. REBEKAjewely can be easily located by anyone around the globe who wishes to buy there.

Bespoke REBEKA Bright Purple Earrings with custom made shopping.

purple earrings for weddingThe interested party can make contact with the designer regarding bright purple earrings to suit their finery, in keeping with their funds and size. For my bridal jewelry making, I am exploiting an array of ingredients, that allows for the produce to satisfy a massive selection of people. My charges are easily affordable. Favored tones are clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green,aquamarine blue, navy blue, blush pink,white opal, blush rose, dusty blue|blush pink, navy blue, aquamarine blue,ivory crème, clear crystal, emerald green,white opal, dusty blue, blush rose,| clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green,dusty blue, white opal, blush roseblush pink, navy blue, aquamarine blue,|white opal, blush rose, dusty blue,clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green,aquamarine blue, navy blue, and blush pink. I also pursue classical genre. The stones I customarily apply arecoral, opal, turquoise,rose quartz, amethyst, onyx,|rose quartz, amethyst, onyx,coral, turquoise, opal, and more.

Long Purple Earrings by REBEKA Worldwide

purple earringsMy purple earrings for wedding is trendy all over the globe. . Thanks to the option of a custom-made produce, many women can shape their purple earrings in accordance with their preferences. Brides seem to really like my jewelry. My deep purple earrings are a great success worldwide thanks to their top-notch quality. My spectrum of metals comprises 24k heavy coating on brass to brass coated, black ruthenium plating, gold filled, and silver coated. In some jewelry pieces, I employ 14k gold, particularly in wedding bands and with 925 silver. My bright purple earrings is established around the world as excellent quality jewelry: the plating is thick and doesn’t come off, and the gems are of the absolutely best kind the market sells. My creations imitate vintage, prestige, and style .