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Navy blue and champagne studs

NAVY Blue BRIDAL EARRINGS, Blue Navy Bridesmaid Studs,Rebeka Clusters,Evening Stud Earrings,Mothers Day, Dark Blue and Gold Stud Earringsnavy blue gold champagne earrings
Details of item:

Metal of the base is brass
Plating Finish: 24K Gold Plated (yellow or rose gold) or silver plated - Nickel Free
Gemstone: Rebeka crystal
Size :1.4*1 inches
The earrings will be packed in a gift box.
Ready to ship 2-5 days, delivery speed 6-12 business days

REBEKA JEWELRY crafts navy blue gold stud earrings

navy blue stud earrings
The talented artist REBEKA BEN HAIM designed the company REBEKA JEWELRY.  Whilst the store specializes in handcrafted jewelry items, quality and precise carryout are crucial. All navy blue earrings are designed with exactness and attention for the microscopic specifics. REBEKA’s jewelry items are  glistening and accompanied by Rebeka unique stones;  sometimes I will utilize original, quality gems, on other times I am merging them with Rebeka crystals, or as it can happen I’m using only the latter. This way, the navy blue champagne earrings will periodically have wholly authentic gemstones or just Rebeka stones or both gemstones and crystals. The brand was accredited by Rebeka Crystal Worldwide; thus, every jewelry merchandise comes with a label of Rebeka Worldwide and with its permission.

The Love navy blue for Jewelry

navy blue stud earrings

 I live with a tremendous affection for making jewelry; I enjoy working with it, and creating blue navy stud earrings provides me with tremendous satisfaction. I have been making large blue earrings since 2003; even so, the passion for jewelry-design is an old one. As a youngster, I would see my mother crafting jewelry pieces and drawing. My mom had been bedridden, and when she began making things by hand from home, I was the person she’d sent to the outlets in Tel-Aviv to buy her beads; thus, as it happens, that’s how it was born. Having the connection to the supremacy and affirmation of jewelry, I take my ideas from the famous red carpet of Hollywood. My jewelry is usually mostly targeting events grand and not. Only now, I’ve produced an exclusive wedding niche .

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Custom navy blue earrings for bridal is possible

blue statement ring

My navy blue ring is made to please those females who love style, women with a fashion chic who are trendy. My jewelry produce enjoys a wide range of colors. Hollywood is what people are reminded of when trying on my jewelry. My approach similarly is drawn from the past – the combo of modern fashion and retro is very noticeable. Necessary information! All statement Rebeka dark blue rings are handmade with no machinery aid, computers, or a Rhino program to craft REBEKA jewelry. My jewelry allows for a wide choice between informal, work and special occasion jewelry. REBEKAjewely can be easily located by any person on the planet who wishes to shop there.

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navy blue rose gold stud earrings

The interested party can communicate with the creator in regards navy bridesmaid earrings to complement their clothes, in accordance with their measurement and finances. With my jewelry-making, I am using an array of elements, that allows for the outcome to appeal to a great variety of people. Everyone can manage to buy from my shop. Favored tones are as following: emerald green, ivory crème, clear crystal, blush pink, navy blue, aquamarine blue, blush rose, white opal, and dusty blue|blush pink, navy blue, aquamarine blue,ivory crème, emerald green, clear crystal,blush rose, white opal, and dusty blue|emerald green, ivory crème, clear crystal,dusty blue, white opal, blush roseblush pink, navy blue, aquamarine blue,|white opal, dusty blue, blush rose,ivory crème, emerald green, clear crystal, navy blue, aquamarine blue, and blush pink. Retro mode is among my pursuits. The gems I habitually use arecoral, turquoise, opal,amethyst, onyx, rose quartz,|onyx, amethyst, red quartz,coral, turquoise, opal, and more.

REBEKA’s navy blue drop earrings Sees Round the World


blue drop earrings
My navy blue woman earrings is in demand all over the world. . Thanks to the possibility of a custom produce, many women can form their navy blue drop earrings in accordance with their taste. My jewelry is in high demand with brides. My navy blue Rebeka jewelry are a worldwide success due to their top-notch quality. My scope of metals comprises heavy 24k gold plated brass to black plating, brass coated, silver plated, and gold filled. In some designs, I employ 14k gold, principally with wedding bands and on 925 silver. My navy blue wedding earrings is recognized around the world as high quality jewelry: the coating is thick and holds well, and the precious stones are of the most phenomenal variety on the market. My arrangements exhibit retro, status, and chic altogether.

navy blue drop earrings
Made by hand, vintage and modern  simple drop earrings by REBEKAjewelry. classic navy blue wedding earrings for flashy occasions and work. Best metals and gemstones with crystals by Rebeka Worldwide.
Made by hand, vintage bridal something blue jewelry for those who know excellence.