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chandelier earrings

REBEKA JEWELRY fashions chandelier earrings

dusty blue chandelier earringsThe gifted artist REBEKA BEN HAIM formulated the label REBEKA JEWELRY.  Whilst the design concentrates on manually produced jewelry items, precise carryout and top quality are highest priority. Exactness and attention to the tiniest details govern the creation of each dusty blue and opal earrings. My jewelry items are  glittering and embedded with Rebeka’s special crystals;  occasionally I am making use of original, top quality gemstones, on other occasions I am incorporating them with Rebeka stones, or as it can happen I am using only the crystals. This way, the chandelier earrings will always display wholly pristine gemstones or merely Rebeka crystals or both gems and crystals. Rebeka had licensed the manufacturer; therefore, all jewelry items come with a content label of Rebeka Worldwide.

Jewelry Passion

chandelier emerald earrings I have an extreme affection for making jewelry; I adore working with it, and crafting chandelier earrings gives me tremendous satisfaction. I have been producing emerald chandelier earrings since 2003; nevertheless, the enthusiasm for jewelry-making is an old one. In my mother’s, I’d look at her drawing and crafting pieces. I was the person that went to the shops in Tel-Aviv to buy her beads and threads because she was sick in bed. My ideas derives from the famous red carpet of Hollywood; I connect to the domination and affirmation of putting on jewelry. My jewelry produce will be mainly targeting special events major and not. Not so long ago, I have produced an exclusive marriage line .

Who Is My long crystal chandelier earrings For?
bridal chandelier earringsMy Rebeka crystal chandelier earrings is designed to satisfy females who adore fashion, glamorous women, . REBEKA’s jewelry offers a sweeping scope of colors. The jewelry style passes on to the client a feeling of stepping on a red carpet in Hollywood. My creation similarly leans on the past – you can see a combo of past styles and modernization. All of the jewelry are created manually with no machinery assistance, computer, or a Rhino program to produce my jewelry pieces. My jewelry provides you with plenty of variety of office, casual and special occasion jewelry. Any individual on the planet can discover and buy from REBEKAjewelry.

Custom made booking drop earrings bespoke REBEKA.

navy chandelier earringsThe client can call the artist in regards earrings bracelet necklace and ring to suit their dress, according to their sizing and budget. With my jewelry-production, I am using an array of materials, which allows for the produce to please a great variety of women. Anyone should be able to manage to buy from my store. Favored shades are clear crystal, ivory crème, emerald green, navy blue, aquamarine blue, blush pink, blush rose, white opal, and dusty blue|aquamarine blue, blush pink, navy blue,emerald green, ivory crème, clear crystal,white opal, blush rose, dusty blue,|emerald green, clear crystal, ivory crème, blush rose, white opal, dusty blue,navy blue, blush pink, and aquamarine blue blush rose, white opal, dusty blue emerald green, ivory crème, clear crystal, navy blue, aquamarine blue, and blush pink. I also pursue classical genre. The gemstones I customarily make use of are as following:coral, turquoise, opal,rose quartz, onyx, amethyst,|onyx, red quartz, amethyst,opal, coral, turquoise, and more by REBEKA Travels the World

purple chandelier earringsMy amethyst chandelier earrings is popular all around the globe. I also create jewelry items for males and also young people and females of any age. Thanks to the alternative of a custom-made order, people can construct their jewelry totally to their taste. Brides really take to REBEKA jewelry. My statement chandelier earrings are such a great success due to their high quality. My scope of metals encompasses 24k heavy coating on brass to brass coated, black ruthenium coating, gold filled, and silver coated. In some of the jewelry, I employ 14k gold, particularly in wedding rings and coated sterling silver 925. My white opal chandelier earrings is recognized around the world as excellent quality jewelry: the coating is thick and forever holds, and the precious stones are of the most extraordinary kind the market offers. My arrangements exhibit chic, prestige, and vintage all at the same time.opal chandelier earrings
REBEKAjewelry handcrafted modern and vintage woman jewelry. dangle chandelier earrings for exclusive events or office. Top-notch stones and metals with Rebeka crystals.

Manually made, quality wedding crystal chandelier earrings for bridal who welcome excellence.

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