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The label REBEKA JEWELRY was crafted by the gifted designer  REBEKA BEN HAIM.  Whilst the label concentrates on manually produced jewelry, precise finish and quality are highest priority. Exactness and precision for the microscopic specifics guide the manufacture silver cuff links. My jewelry is  sparkling and inset with Rebeka special crystals;  oftentimes I like to employ original, great quality gems, in other occasions I am combining them with Rebeka crystals, while yet another time I’m only using the crystals. This way, the best men cuff links will routinely consist of wholly pristine gemstones or only Rebeka crystals or both crystals and gems. The brand is certified by Rebeka Crystal Worldwide; thus, every jewelry item has a label from Rebeka Worldwide and with its consent.

Fascination with Jewelry

champagne cufflinks I nurture an extreme desire for jewelry-making; I enjoy handling it, and . The passion for making jewelry even if I have been crafting Rebeka cufflinks only since 2003. As a youngster, in my mother’s house, I would watch her crafting jewelry pieces and sketching. My mom was immobile, so when she started out handmade crafts from home, I was the one she would send to the outlets in Tel-Aviv to get her beads and threads; thus, , that’s how my interest evolved. My artistic vision is connected to the red carpet of Hollywood; I identify with to the domination and statement of wearing jewelry items. My creation is certainly chiefly targeting important events big and not. Not so long ago, I’ve created an exclusive marriage collection to suit the bride and the mothers of the the groom and the bride. 


Who Gets REBEKA’s emerald cufflinks?

emerald cufflinksREBEKA’s Rebeka emerald cufflinks is made to please men who love fashion, REBEKA’s jewelry supply offers a wide-ranging spectrum of colors. Hollywood is what are thinking of when wearing and looking at my jewelry. My creation as equally leans on the past – you can observe a mixture of past styles and modernization. Necessary information! All of the cuff links are handcrafted made by hand without any machinery aid, computerization, or a Rhino program to craft my jewelry items. In my jewelry, you can decide on items for glittering occasions, jewelry to work, and also daily relaxed things. REBEKAjewely can be easily found by any person around the globe who wishes to shop there.

cuff links bespoke REBEKA.

custom cufflinksThe shopper can communicate with the designer in regards geometric cufflinks to match their jackets, in keeping with their finance and dimension. With my jewelry-crafting, I am making use of an array of components, which allows for the produce to suit a vast selection of people. My rates are easily affordable. Favorite shades are ivory crème, emerald green, clear crystal,aquamarine blue, navy blue, blush pink, dusty blue, blush rose, white opal,|navy blue, blush pink, aquamarine blue,ivory crème, clear crystal, emerald green,white opal, blush rose, dusty blue,|emerald green, clear crystal, ivory crème, blush rose, white opal, dusty blue,aquamarine blue, navy blue, blush pink,|dusty blue, white opal, blush rose,emerald green, ivory crème, clear crystal,aquamarine blue, blush pink, and navy blue. I also specialize in classical design. The gemstones I prefer to work with are as following:coral, opal, turquoise,onyx, amethyst, red quartz,|rose quartz, amethyst, onyx,turquoise, coral, opal, and more.

square cuff links of REBEKAjewelry Worldwide

swarovski topaz cuff linksMy unisex cufflinks is in demand all over the world. I additionally provide jewelry pieces for men as well as younger people , men and women of all ages. Since I allow the alternative of a custom-designed purchase, many folks can form their cufflinks in accordance with their preferences. Brides really take to REBEKA jewelry. My dog cufflinks are succeeding worldwide thanks to their superb quality. My metals of choice vary from gold-plated brass (24k heavy coating) to brass plated, silver plated, black ruthenium plating, and gold filled. In some designs, I make us of 14k gold, particularly with wedding rings and with 925 silver. My animal cufflinks is noted around the planet as excellent quality jewelry: the plating is thick and does not come off, and the stones are of the absolutely best class the market sells. My creations indicate fashion, retro, and prestige .

dog cufflinks

Handmade best quality  unique cufflinks by REBEKAjewelry. casual and elegant cufflinks for work and flashy events. Best quality stones and metals with crystals by Rebeka.
gold cuff links

Manually made, vintage gold cuulinks_ for women and men who love excellence.

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